Success Indicators: Process(es) for Identifying and Monitoring (of ELs)

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All staff is knowledgeable about EL identification and assessment:

School leaders are knowledgeable about the identification and assessment processes for ELs, including how quickly the initial language assessment needs to be administered after an EL is registered with a new school, when annual proficiency tests are administered each year, what processes and training are involved in administering these tests, what support ESL teachers need to effectively administer the tests, and where the results are kept. (Read More)

School leaders and faculty are knowledgeable about how to interpret standardized English proficiency score reports, what scores indicate a student should be supported by an ESL program and exited from the ESL program, and how ELs are monitored during and after participation in the ESL program. (Read More)


The process for identification of ELs is standardized:

School staff administers a home language survey to parents/guardians of ALL students. (Read More)

School staff complete identification, screening, and parental notification of eligible students within 30 days of enrollment at the beginning of the school year, and within 2 weeks of enrollment once school is underway. (Read More)

The process(es) for monitoring academic success and (English) language development of ELs is transparent and standardized. School staff and faculty complete a language and academic plan for each EL student and update this at the end of each marking period. (Read More)

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