Success Indicators: Parent Involvement

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School pro-actively supports acclimation of newcomers and families:

School creates and standardizes a system to support newcomer ELs and their families as they adjust to the new school environment. (Read More)

School leaders, staff and faculty facilitate actively engage families with diverse and cultural language backgrounds in efforts to welcome newcomer families. (Read More)


Parents of ELs are well integrated into the school community:

School leaders, staff and faculty meet regularly with families of ELs in their communities (e.g. families’ homes, community center, or library) and not always in school buildings. (Read More)

School hosts events that bring together families of diverse backgrounds to explore and share cultures on a regular basis (e.g., potluck meals, parent groups) not only during a designated annual week or month. (Read More)


School maintains consistent and accessible communication with families about their children’s academic progress as well as about ways to support their children’s academic success outside of school:

School has clear guidelines, procedures, and resources to support regular and on-going communication among staff/faculty, ELs and their families. (Read More)

All school leaders, faculty and staff are knowledgeable about and experienced in the use of the various modes of communication often necessary for communicating with ELs and their families, including use of the District’s interpreters via the telephone, human resources for translation and translation tools. (Read More)

Teachers and school leaders always send accessible communication (translated print and/or audio/video) about learning standards, their children’s progress, and the parents’ role in their children’s school success. (Read More)

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