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The TransDisciplinary Conversation Series provides a platform where intellect across disciplines is supported.

Each conversation is located around questions that cannot be answered from within a single academic or artistic space. By bringing together artists, scientists and scholars in a transdisciplinary framework, in contrast to interdisciplinary, the participants are encouraged to draw upon the entirety of their experiences and create new knowledge operating between disciplinary boundaries. A conversational format promotes a shared physical space where equal parts listening and speaking are encouraged.

The pilot project took place during the spring of 2019, and the full-fledged version of the series is occurring over the course of 2019-2020.

Why “TransDisciplinary”?

While Interdisciplinary implies a multitude of disciplines coming together, TransDisciplinary is meant to imply something that goes beyond the disciplinary structures themselves.

Conversation Archives: Collective Knowledge

This website is a constantly growing archive of information, created and sustained by the members of each conversation session.

Each conversation has its own webpage where documentation of the conversation resides. There are notes from the session, articles and events and thoughts that pertain. Each page is a living thing in that it relies upon contribution from the conversation members to keep building their collective knowledge around the subject.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to participate in a conversation, there is a sign-up form located here.

If you have questions, are interested in co-leading a conversation, or would like to be involved in the organization, please email

The 2019-2020 TransDisciplinary Conversation Series is funded in part by a CHAT grant, and by the General Activities Fund at Temple University.