The Altering Shores is an interdisciplinary book project contracted by Temple University Press that examines impacts of sea-level rise in the Delaware estuary with parallels draw to the Thames estuary, both sites there were on the forefront of the 19th Century Industrial revolution. The interdisciplinary book spans the arts and sciences using exposition, field observations, visual research and mapping to show how the history of industrial era land-use impact the conditions and narratives of sea-level rise in our time. The book project builds upon the author’s significant installation in the 2012-2013 Chemical Heritage Foundation exhibition, Sensing Change, notably the 32 page map and exploration log examining the industrial history of land use in potential flood zones and active petro-chemical industrial uses. The contracted book is highly interdisciplinary drawing upon both scholarly research and fieldwork to bridge scientific knowledge, scientific history, cultural history and ecology.  It draws on fieldwork, site-based stories and interviews as well as the contributions of scientists and humanities scholars to offer a complex reflection on forces shaping our understanding of the estuary. This fellowship supports the completion of the scholarship for this book, which is complemented with site-specific photographic visual studies and interactive materials.