Category: Volume 36

Volume 36, Number 1 (Fall 2021)


Clear Error in Monasky v. Taglieri: The Need to Include Coercion and Domestic Violence in Habitual-Residence Determinations

Lauren C. Lummus

The Ethical Propriety of COVID-19 Lockdowns: Understanding the Human Rights Trade-off Between Lives and Livelihoods

Christian Lee

Finding Retroactive Liability for the Sterilization of Indigenous Women Under International Law

Madeline Padner

Western Art Museums and the Legacy of Imperialism: The Successes, Shortcomings, and Future of the Art Repatriation Movement

Maya Lucyshyn

Innovating Around Regulatory Uncertainty: Contracting for Battery Energy Storage as a Transmission Asset Within Restructured Markets

C. Ben Vila

The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: A Holistic Approach to TRIPS

Kimberly A. Bagdis