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The project is about the use of pre-visualization in animated film making using 3D animation tools, early camera preparations, clip arts, virtual environment, etc. In short, a sandbox in which scientific techniques used by creativity. The core goal of studying the use of pre-visualization methods in making animated movies, short films, and other animations. The goal also helps in making storyboard of scientific or fiction-based movies. , it served various domain according to the needs and requirements of specific projects and help solo animator to work on a project in small studio or in large studio team of members to work collectively by knowing their positions and their responsibilities to fulfil the task. It requires the study of shapes of character, images of animators and movement of designed cast. It also includes the impressive story content to entertain audience and to making effort to receive an impactful reaction of the story. I did work on cinematography in which pre-visualization was used. By using pre-visualization techniques, I have used animated characters with speaking with lip synchronization with voice-over sound. I have read the ‘Analysis of Previsualization Tasks For Animation, Film and Theater’ by Muender et al., 2019. This week I will read the document about ‘Research on the Relationship between Story and the Popularity of Animated Movies’ by Wang (2012) to have and in depth analysis to make a successful story.