My Favorite Fictional Characters

I’ve read so many books and watched so many movies and shows that I don’t know who my favorite character is but I have a list of five that I can’t pick between. In no particular order, my favorite fictional characters are Franklin from the television show Snowfall, Hassan from the novel The Kite Runner, and Tim from the movie About Time. I’ll start with Franklin. I won’t say he’s my favorite character of all time but each episode he gets closer and closer to gaining that spot. Snowfall is a fictional television show about a teenage boy named Franklin from Los Angeles in the 1980’s. As Franklin sees the crack epidemic getting worse each day, he decides to become a part of it and build his own drug empire from the ground up. My favorite part about Franklin is that he puts his life on the line to save his people when the time comes and all he asks for in return is loyalty. There’s one episode where one of his close friends Leon accidentally kills a child after a shootout with a rival game. Since a little girl was killed, the police had to find someone to go down for it quickly. Instead of snitching on Leon, he got someone to go down for it and helped his friend get back on his feet because he had PTSD after what he did. He probably should have been the one to go down since he did kill a child, but it is fiction and I think the creators wanted the viewers to want Franklin to save Leon. Franklin and Leon had been friends for years, even before they got into business together. It would say a lot about Franklin had he decided to rat on Leon being that he’s very big on Loyalty. The next character I love so much is Hassan from the novel The Kite Runner. Hassan is the son of a servant of a rich family in Pakistan. Hassan befriends the son of the family named Amir and they become great friends. Hassan was always a good person and friend because of who he had as a father, while Amir was the opposite because of his father. Amir and Hassan were good friends but there was always a power balance and Amir often took advantage of it. Despite the treatment he endured by Amir, Hassan still loved him like a brother and would have done anything for him. In the novel, Amir starts to think that Hassan is a threat to he and his father’s relationship, so he plants money and a watch under Hassan’s bed to make his father think he stole it. Knowing that Amir planted the items, Hassan confessed to stealing them because he knew didn’t want Amir to get into trouble. Hassan’s unwavering loyalty to Amir is a bit confusing but also admirable. I don’t understand why he could be so loving to someone who’s treated him like trash, but I love that about him. My last favorite character is Tim from the movie About Time. Tim is young man from Cornwall, England who recently learned that all the men on his father’s side of the family can travel back to any point in the past. Throughout the film, Tim uses his ability to travel through time to improve his life for the better. Most importantly to secure his future with a woman named Mary that he meets at a party. Tim knows that Mary is the girl he’s meant to be with, but continuously blows his chances. He eventually makes it work with Mary, but Tim learns that he cannot count on his newfound power to change the course of his life. While Tim isn’t exactly the most likable character in the movie, he’s undoubtably the funniest. The movie takes us on Tim’s journey with him as he figures out how to master this new power. He’s very clumsy and doesn’t think everything through, but you can’t help but love him. I don’t think About Time isn’t meant to be much of a comedy, but Tim’s character brings all the comedic elements that you need. Another reason I love Tim’s character is because he just wouldn’t give up on Mary. There were plenty of times where Tim where a fool of himself in front of Mary, but he knew that she was the love of his life and continued to go after her. About Time is a great movie, but my love for it is rooted in my love for Tim. 

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