Where the Wild Things Are

Our new words are forest, vine, roots, and claw. The words are from the book Where the Wild Things Are. Help your child learn the words.

Watch the video below to listen to the story. Listen for the words and point them out to your child.


A forest is a place with many trees.

Ask your child what animals live in the forest.


Vines are plants that grow up or down walls, trees, or other things. Grapes grow on vines.

Look for vines around the neighborhood. 


The roots of a plant go beneath the surface of the ground and hold the plant steady. Plants get food and water through roots.

Look for roots around your neighborhood. Ask your child why plants have roots. 


A claw is a curved pointed horny nail on each digit of the foot in birds, lizards, and some mammals.

Ask your child why some animals have claws. 

Congratulations, you are helping your child grow a large vocabulary!