Wemberly Worried

Our new words are worried, peek, nibble, and petal from the book Wemberly Worried. Ask your child what the story was about.

Watch the story with your child and help your child listen for the words.


Ask your child what each word means, and if they don’t know, explain the meaning to them or show them an example. Here are easy definitions to use.

Worried woman

To be worried is to think about something bad that might happen. Ask your child what makes them worried. 

Girl peeking through her fingers

To peek is to look quickly or secretly.  

Bunny nibbling on carrot

Nibble is to take small bites. Ask your child to pretend and show you how a mouse might peek out from a hole and nibble on cheese.


A petal is a small, brightly colored part of a flower’s bloom. Ask your child to find petals on a flower.


As you’re going through the week, try to talk about each word three times.