The Happiest Tree

Our new words are improved, clumsy, performance, and topple. Help your child learn the words. The words come from the book, The Happiest Tree.

Ask your child what each word means, and if they don’t know, explain the meaning to them or show them an example. Here are easy definitions to use.

Improving strength

Improved means made something better.

Ask your child what they think they have improved in at school.


A clumsy person has a hard time controlling his or her body. He or she might fall and trip easily.

Ask your child to show you how a clumsy person might walk. 

Dance performance

Performance is acting, singing, or dancing for a group of people.

With your child: Talk about a performance you have seen together. 


Topple is to fall over. These trees have toppled over in a storm.

With your child: Look for a toppled tree or other object in your neighborhood. 


Congratulations, you are helping your child grow a large vocabulary!