I Stink!

Our new words are stink, wide, engine, and crush. Help your child learn the words.

The words come from the book I Stink! Ask your child what the story was about. Watch the video below if you would like to hear the story together. Listen for the words and point them out to your child.

Stinky garbage

Stink – to smell bad, to give off a strong and bad smell. Garbage trucks sometimes stink.

Ask your child: What things stink?

Wide arms

Wide – reaching across a large area from side to side

Ask your child to show you what wide looks like vs. narrow


Engine – a machine that uses energy from a source such as gasoline or electricity to do work.

Ask your child: What things have engines?

Crushed can

Crush – make smaller or flatter by pounding or pressing

Ask your child: What happens to a can if your crush it?


Thank you for helping your child learn these words!