Sand Dwellers: From Desert to Sea

Our new words are camouflage, hibernation, nocturnal, and flipper. The words come from a book about creatures that dwell and hide in the sand. Look below for a video showing some sand-dwelling creatures.  Explain the words to your child.

A camouflaged fish

Camouflage is a way of hiding something by covering or coloring it so that it looks like its surroundings.

Ask your child how fish, crabs, or other animals can camouflage themselves. 

Bear in a den hibernating

Some animals hibernate and rest or sleep most of the winter.

Ask your child to pretend to hibernate.


A flipper is a type of limb on animals used to go through the water. This sea turtle has a large flipper.

Ask your child why some sea animals have flippers. 

Thank you for helping your child learn new words!