The Kissing Hand

Our new words are raccoon, palm, cheek, and scamper.  The words are from The Kissing Hand. Ask your child what the story was about. Watch the video to hear the story.

Ask your child what each word means, and if they don’t know, explain the meaning to them or show them an example. Here are easy definitions to use:


A raccoon is a small animal with brown and gray fur, a long tail with black rings, and a pointed face with black markings that look like a mask.

Palm of hand

Your palm is the inner surface of your hand. Ask your child to put his or her palm on her cheek.


Your cheek is either side of the face between the nose and the ear.

Girls scampering

To scamper is to run quickly and playfully.  Ask your child to scamper like a little raccoon.

Thank you for helping your child learn new words!