The Gingerbread Man



Our new words are aroma, dash, clever, and ruin. The words are from The Gingerbread Man. Ask your child to tell you the story of the Gingerbread Man. Below is a video of one version of the story.

Watch this video to hear the story of the Gingerbread Girl!


Ask your child what each word means, and if they don’t know, explain the meaning to them or show them an example. Here are easy definitions to use.

Aroma of a flower

An aroma is a smell. Ask your child what kind of food they like that has a good aroma.

Young man dashing

Dash is to run fast. Ask your child to show how he or she can dash like the Gingerbread Man.

Clever graduates

Clever means smart. Praise your child when they have done something clever. 

Ruined burnt cookies

To ruin is to destroy or damage something. Talk about what things people don’t want ruined. 

As you’re going through the week, try to talk about each word three times.