Buildings, Buildings, Buildings

This week your child is learning the words library, post office, factory, and museum. The words come from a book about buildings. Explain what the words mean and talk about them with your child.



Library – a building or room containing collections of books and videos for people to read, borrow, or look at. You can borrow books for free from your local library.

Visit your local library with your child and look for books that he or she has read in class or other books that interest you. Click here for a list. 

Post Office

Post Office

Post Office – place you can mail letters and packages. You can visit the post office and mail a package.

Cupcake factory

Cupcake factory

Factory – place where things are made. This picture shows a Tastykake factory.


Art museum


Science museum





Museum – a building in which objects are stored and exhibited.  The objects can be related to art, science, nature, or history. These pictures show an art museum and science museum.

Congratulations, you are helping your child grow a large vocabulary!