Bear on a Bike

Our new words are market, marigold, prowl, and snarl. The words come from the book Bear on a Bike. You can listen to the book below. Listen for the words and point them out to your child.

Explain what the words mean and talk about them with your child.


Market – a place where you buy and sell things.

Ask your child what they would like to buy at a market. 


Marigold – a flower that has yellow, orange, or red and yellow blossoms. 

Help your child draw a marigold.  

Prowling leopard

Prowl – to move around slowly and secretly, like an animal looking for prey. This leopard is prowling and looking for something to eat.

Snarling wolf

Snarl – to growl and show teeth in a threatening way.

Ask your child to show you how a lion would prowl or snarl.

Congratulations, you are helping your child learn new words!