Bear Feels Sick

Our new words are autumn, heap, wheeze, and frolic. Help your child learn the words. The words come from the book Bear Feels Sick.

Ask your child what the story was about. If you would like to hear the story together, here is a video of the storybook being read.  Listen for the words and point them out to your child.


Autumn – another word for Fall, when leaves change color and it gets colder.

Heap of leaves

Heap – many things lying on top of each other; pile.

Ask your child if they would like to jump in a heap of leaves. 

Wheezing boy

Wheeze – to breathe with a hoarse or whistling sound.

Ask your child if they have ever wheezed when they are sick.


Frolic – to act in a playful way by romping about, making merry, or playing jokes.

Ask your child: Do you like to frolic in the leaves?

Congratulations, you are helping your child grow a large vocabulary!