Jalapeno Bagels

Our new words are bakery, ingredients, flaky, and connect from the book Jalapeno Bagels. Ask your child what the story was about. If you would like to hear the story together, watch the video below.

Ask your child what each word means, and if they don’t know, explain the meaning to them or show them an example. Here are easy definitions to use.


A bakery is a store that makes and sells bread, cake, cookies, and pastries.


Ingredients are the things you mix together to make foods. Ask your child what ingredients are in his or her favorite food. Talk about the ingredients you use in your favorite recipe. Ask your child to help gather the ingredients as you cook. 


Flaky means that pieces fall off that are small, flat, and thin. Pies have flaky crusts.

Connected paperclips

Connect means to put something together. Play a game with your child where you connect paper clips, legos, or hands together. Count how many you connected together.     


As you’re going through the week, try to talk about each word three times. Thank you!