Abuela’s Weave

abuelas-weaveThis week your child is learning the words Abuela, thread, weave, and loom. The words come from the book Abuela’s Weave.

Help your child learn these vocabulary words. Use the definitions below the picture to help explain the word to your child. Or, you can use your own definitions or explanations.



Abuela – Grandmother in Spanish

Ask your child: How do you say Grandmother in Spanish?


Spool of thread

Thread – a string used for sewing

Ask you child: What is thread used for?



Weave – to make cloth by passing threads over and under each other

Ask your child: What does weaving do?


Woman weaving on a loom

This picture shows a Loom, a machine for making cloth by weaving yarn or thread.

Ask your child: What is the name of a machine that you can use to weave cloth?

Congratulations, you are helping your child grow a large vocabulary!