abiyoyoThis week’s words are ukulele, magician, wand, and disappear. The words come from the book Abiyoyo. Ask your child what the story was about. Watch the video below to hear the story. Listen for the words and point them out to your child.

Help your child learn these new words. Ask them questions and help explain the words to them.



Ukulele – a musical instrument that looks and sounds like a guitar, but is smaller.

Ask your child: What is this instrument called?



Magician – a person who can do magic tricks.

Ask your child: What is this person called? 


Wand – a stick that a magician uses to do magic tricks.

The rabbit disappeared

The magician made his rabbit disappear

Disappear – to go away quickly and not be seen again.

Ask your child: What does disappear mean?

Congratulations, you are helping your child grow a large vocabulary!