Temple Program Team

Dr. Amy Scallon

Program Director

“I’m a great first contact for any questions you have, including coursework, prereqs for either middle or secondary, and next steps to take to apply to TTR.”

Dr. Amy Scallon has over 15 years’ experience working in middle and university classrooms. She started as a middle school teacher where she learned the importance of high-quality teachers who stay at their schools. For the past ten years, she has focused on teacher preparation and retention. She has worked with pre-service teachers at various universities teaching both undergraduate and graduate students and coaching student teachers. In her current role with TTR she has worked extensively to support and develop resident and mentor teachers, including creating new program components to better support the growth and leadership of new and veteran teachers.


April Morton

Program Coordinator



Dr. Tim Fukawa-Connelly

Associate Professor of Secondary Education, Faculty Advisor Secondary Education

“Get in touch with me about secondary education, including learning more about the courses, and whether you meet the pre-reqs for math or science.”

Dr. Tim Fukawa-Connelly has approximately 20 years’ experience teaching in secondary and university classrooms, in both mathematics and mathematics education. He has taught mathematics and mathematics methods classes and has served as a coach for student teachers. He also has significant experience delivering professional development for middle and secondary in-service teachers for around mathematics content and pedagogy.

Dr. Janelle Bailey

Assistant Professor of Secondary Education, Faculty Advisor Secondary Education

Dr. Janelle Bailey has approximately 20 years’ experience teaching in secondary and university classrooms, in both science (physics, chemistry, astronomy) and science education. She teaches both science methods courses and regularly serves as a Coach for student teachers in the TUteach program. She has conducted extensive professional development for inservice teachers, including foci on content knowledge improvement and teacher leadership.

Dr. Joseph Boyle

Associate Professor of Secondary Education, Faculty Advisor Secondary Education

Dr. Joseph R. Boyle received his doctoral degree from the University of Kansas in special education. His current research interests include examining the effectiveness of teaching techniques and interventions for students with high-incidence disabilities in general education and inclusive classrooms. As a result, he has developed a number of classroom interventions for students with mild disabilities in the areas of reading, writing, and note-taking. Dr. Boyle has over 40 publications that include books, research articles, and research-to-practice articles.

Dr. Kristie Newton

Associate Professor of Middle Grades Education, Faculty Advisor Middle Grades Education

“Get in touch with me to learn more about the courses in the middle-grades program!”

Dr. Kristie J. Newton is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Temple University. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 2006. Kristie has taught both middle and high school mathematics, and she has conducted professional development for mathematics teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  Her research has focused on the development of mathematical knowledge, especially related to fractions and algebra.

Dr. Elvis Wagner

Associate Professor of Secondary Education and TESOL

Dr. Elvis Wagner explores the teaching and testing of second language oral communicative competence. Currently, his primary research focus is an examination of how second language (L2) listeners process and comprehend unscripted, spontaneous spoken language, and how this type of language differs from the scripted spoken texts learners often encounter in the L2 classroom. He has written and published widely on these issues. Dr. Wagner’s research informs his teaching, both in the TESOL program and in the secondary education world languages program.

SDP Team

Becca Solnit

Program Manager of Teacher Pathways, The School District of Philadelphia

Chanell Bates

Director of Strategy & Operations, Office of Talent, The School District of Philadelphia

STS Team

Thomas Mosca 

Academic Dean for Math & Science, String Theory Schools