Are you an undergraduate student?

It is never too early to plan ahead… 

I am not a STEM major, can I apply?

Yes, if you have the appropriate math or science coursework completed, a 3.0 GPA overall, and a desire to teach math or science in one of Philadelphia’s middle or high schools following graduation.

Can undergraduates apply to TTR?

Temple Teacher Residency is a graduate program and initial teaching certification program. Graduating seniors are encouraged to apply. Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors should familiarize themselves with the prerequisite coursework and GPA to aid them in planning their coursework prior to completing an undergraduate degree. 

I am a member of TUTeach, can I apply to TTR?

TTR is an initial teacher certification program. If you are in a teacher certification program (such as TUTeach), you are ineligible for TTR. 

I am majoring in education (middle grades, early childhood, etc.), can I apply to TTR? 

TTR is an initial certification program. If you earn your teacher certification through your undergraduate program, you are ineligible for TTR.