Living and Working in Philadelphia 


A City of Culture, Diversity, History, Great Food, and More

“Philadelphia offers a unique setting for an eclectic mix of modern lifestyles, mingling both the edgy and the sophisticated. History and art are pervasive in the city proper. Walking through downtown, you’ll likely spot murals and mosaics coating the sides of industrial warehouses and ivy climbing the walls of 300-year-old brick buildings. Culture is well-established in Philly, too, as evidenced by the array of art galleries, music venues and theaters, as well as the nation’s oldest art museum…” – U.S. News & World Report’s best places ranking page

Culture – Home to not only the oldest art museum in the US (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts), Philadelphia is home to several professional sports teams and countless musicians.  

Diversity – Philadelphia embraces its dynamic and diverse population. The city boasts a wide array of people representing all walks of life. 

History – From before its identity as our nation’s first capital to underground railroad stops to its role in the civil rights movement and beyond, Philadelphia is home to an impressive array of historical sites and museums

Food – The food scene in Philadelphia has always been respectable, but has garnered national attention in recent years. Whether you are seeking local favorites or international flavors, Philadelphia has something for everyone. 

Parks – Philadelphia has many green spaces both within and nearby to downtown, including a 60+ mile maintained trail (Schuykill River Trail) and one of the world’s largest city park systems.

Affordability – Philadelphia is one of the most affordable urban centers in the country.