Welcome to TFO!

Temple Film Orchestra is an organization dedicated to the collaboration between music and film. TFO acts as a bridge and resource for filmmakers, composers, musicians, and sound engineers seeking to experience magic of film music.

TFO works with student filmmakers and composers on film projects by organizing recording sessions and live film music concerts.


So long, TFO

This is a post that I should have written a long time ago, but never set aside the time for until one recent event forced me to make a decision. Last week I received an email from Student Activities that the annual re-registration for TFO had not been completed and needed to be done otherwise …



Paul Hutchings

An avid fan of John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner from a young age, Paul dove into the world of film music headfirst beginning with writing theme music for his high school’s TV news program. Also while in high school he organized recording sessions for his submissions to the International Film Music Competition in Zurich and attended the NYU/ASCAP Film music workshop.
Since then, Paul has gone on to work with filmmakers from NYU, Penn State, University of Michigan, and Temple across a wide range of projects. While at NYU, he had the privilege of studying with great film composers such as Chris Hajian. One of Paul’s favorite activities include live movie concerts at the Mann Center, and upon his arrival at Temple, he sought to bring that experience closer to campus by founding Temple Film Orchestra.

Vice President

Patrick Tice-Carroll