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Melanie French

Melanie is a fourth-year clinical psychology doctoral student in the TEDp lab at Temple University. She completed her B.S. in psychology and philosophy at the University of Massachusetts and her MA in psychology at Temple University. Previously, she completed her post-baccalaureate in Dr. Fregni’s Neuromodulation Center, in Boston MA, Spaulding Hospital/Harvard Medical School studying neuromodulation and non-invasive brain stimulation. Currently, Melanie’s primary interest is studying risk and maintenance factors of eating disorders, with a focus in examining neurobiological models of disordered eating behavior to explain processes involved in emotional regulation, body image disturbances, interoception, and dissociation in individuals with disordered eating. She is also interested in using multimethod data collection in her research, including psychophysiological measures, behavioral assessments, and neuroimaging.