Quick Tip: Turning off Presenter View in PowerPoint

When giving a presentation in PowerPoint, you will notice that your display settings are automatically set to ‘Presenter View‘.

Presenter view can be useful to have one monitor for notes, and another screen that your audience will view the presentation on full screen.

However, Presenter View may not be ideal to use in all situations and many times you may want to turn this option off. In particular if you are toggling back and fourth to other content not in PowerPoint, you may want to use your other screen to have this content ready to go.

  1.  To turn off Presenter View in PowerPoint, Navigate to the ‘Slide Show‘ tab
  2. Uncheck the ‘Use Presenter View‘ box in order to turn of the Presenter View option.

3 Simple Ground Rules to Enhance your Online Class Sessions


When using any kind of technology, it can be easy for students to get overwhelmed or distracted. This post will cover some simple ground rules that can be put in place when using web conferencing technology to facilitate an online class. You may find it useful to add these rules to your syllabus so that every student has a chance to participate.

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