To:                     Provost, Vice Presidents, and Deans

From:               Cindy Leavitt, Vice President Information Technology Services & CIO

Date:                 January 19, 2021

Subject:             Computer & Technology Fee Call for Proposals for Non-Enrollment Based Units

I am announcing the Call for Proposals for the 2020-21 Computer & Technology Fee for the non-enrollment based units.  The Call for Proposals describes the purpose of these funds and the process for submitting proposals for consideration.  A committee has been established to review these proposals and to make recommendations to Joanne Epps and me for final approval.

I would like to point out a few important things to consider as you decide on what proposals should be submitted:

  • Proposals should be submitted no later than March 31, 2021, using the program website. Our goal is to have the process concluded by May 30, 2021.
  • Any University department that has student-related technology needs may submit a proposal providing that the proposal benefits students University-wide (or campus-wide). Proposals specific to a school or college will not be considered if the school or college already receives a fixed technology fee allocation.
  • Projects must directly benefit the academic experience, the quality of life or well-being, or access to learning and resources of students at Temple. Projects that focus on research or on administrative support and operations will not be considered.
  • A separate pool will be set aside for the University Libraries, so no separate projects for the libraries will be considered.

I would appreciate it if you would distribute this Call for Proposals to your departments and individuals who you feel have a need for these funds and who would be eligible to submit a proposal.

Thank you.