Hello HIST 2001!

My name is Taylor Rosetti and I am a senior Communications Studies major / History minor here at Temple. I am taking this class because it is necessary for the completion of a history minor. History was always a subject I loved all throughout school. I was talking to one of my communications professors about how much I enjoy history and how all of my electives are history classes during an office hours meeting one day. We soon discovered that I was already halfway to a history minor and he encouraged me to add it. And, well, here I am. History was always a subject I looked forward to as long as I can remember. The love really took off when I was in high school. I took advanced placement history classes whenever I could. It was the one class a day where I genuinely loved learning. I have my associates degree in communications studies from the Community College of Philadelphia. While I was at CCP I was on such a short degree path I didn’t have much time for many “fun” electives, and, truthfully, not that many fun electives were offered. Then, I got to Temple and was overwhelmed with the amount of options. 

History is learning about events from the past and understanding their significance. It’s learning about how cultures evolve from their food to their language to their religion. It’s also learning about political history of countries, and how countries and territories of today came to be. History is also learning about conflicts that have occurred and their outcomes. Over all, history is learning from the past. It’s learning that things that were once okay are no longer okay and how those events impacted different groups of people of different identities.