Four years from now I hope to be no longer working in restaurants. A large part of why I wanted to do my project on the restaurant industry is because it’s been a major part of my life for the last three years. I think I’ll still have a lot of friends in the industry so I hope to never lose the humanity. Hopefully in four years covid will just be a memory for us. There will definitely still be a lot of emotional attachment because covid has come at such a crazy time. I think with an older perspective I will be less concerned with the things I missed out on and be grateful for all the things I learned by having to adjust my expectations of things.

Thirty years from now I’ll be 51. My biggest fear is getting old and conservative. We’ll have been back to normal for so long I don’t think we’ll bring up covid. Just being an adult will make me think differently. Hopefully I’ll be a home owner with a few young adult children. It will be interesting to see how kids are learning about covid and the trump administration in school.

100 years from now restaurants as we know them may be obsolete. This project may be completely useless or only used historically.

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