subjectivity and the election

I’m coming at my project as someone who works in a restaurant in a major city. As a cisgender white woman I bring a certain perspective. I don’t face a lot of discrimination in the industry.

This election has been terrifying and still is. I experienced s bit of voter suppression while trying to vote today. This is 2016 all over. Hate and fear are going to win again. I’m having a really hard time writing this because I really am just scared. The country is going to burn no matter who wins, but I don’t think the US will survive another four years of a Trump presidency. The only thing about this election is I know that I will be able to tell my grandchildren I was on the right side of history. I voted for black lives. I voted for a woman’s right to choose. I voted for lgbtq rights. I voted for science. I voted for immigrants rights. I voted to make the world a better place.

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