our subjects

I think a person is always a historical subject. Every person lives through history. Even at 21, I’ve lived through major historical events. I don’t remember 9-11, but I was alive. I remember when Obama was elected. I have some vague memories of hurricane Katrina. I don’t think there’s a specific set of circumstances that makes someone a historical subject. Every person has lived through historical events, and can even be studied for those. Obviously, there are people that are more major players or would be more ideal to interview or study about certain events. I’m definitely not someone you want to ask about 9-11, or the Bill Clinton presidency. I feel like my project doesn’t have a specific historical subject. My project focuses on the restaurant industry. So many people are in the restaurant industry and are impacted by the restaurant industry by some way. Of course restaurant employees are going to be part of my project. Those people are being impacted the most by covid’s effects on the industry. But also patrons are a huge focus. The way people enjoy restaurants has changed tremendously. People have been turning more towards delivery or take out. In my restaurant, our take out orders and order through caviar, doordash, and ubereats have gone up so much. This time last year we would get very few to go orders. Since going back during covid, we have gotten so many to go orders there have been nights we had to stop accepting them. We are also at a point were people are still opting to sit outside. That alone has changed the industry so much. Last summer my job had four tables outside totaling less than 10 seats. This summer we maxed out at 19 tables outside seating close to 65 people. I think it’s a clear challenge of my project, not only having to focus on restaurants and their employees, but also focusing on patrons and their impact as well. I have several subjects to focus on, and I really want to do them all justice.

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