In what ways has the restaurant industry in Philadelphia been affected by covid 19?

I will be looking at the restaurant industry and how it is surviving covid 19. Restaurants have been uniquely affected. Bustling dining rooms turned into sad, deserted rooms in less than a day. Restaurants have been trying their best shifting to take out orders, joining new delivery services, and expanding their outdoor seating as much as possible. Still at the front of everyone’s mind is safety, not just that of patrons, but employees as well. Restaurants are already tumultuous places to work, very few of which provide health insurance or any paid sick leave. Balancing the expectations of guests along with following safety guidelines had been a challenge restaurants  have never faced before. I really want to focus on the restaurants that are thriving and how they did it, as well as the restaurants that could not continue operating. I’ll be focusing on restaurants in Philadelphia for the most part as well as some surrounding  

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Ladd, Jenn. “What Are the New Rules for Indoor Dining in Philly and Jersey?” https://www.inquirer.com. The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 8, 2020. https://www.inquirer.com/food/new-jersey-philadelphia-indoor-dining-rules-restaurants-servers-customers-20200904.html. 

Jenn Ladd of The Inquirer relays all of the strict guidances restaurants in Philadelphia and South Jersey must abide by now to be open. She goes over all the rules about masks and face shields. She also talks about capacity limitations. Capacity limits are affecting the income level restaurants can reach. Almost all restaurants are operating below full capacity in order to follow the safety guidelines. 

Sweitzer-Lammé, Maddy. “In Memoriam: All the Philly Restaurants That Closed During the Coronavirus Crisis So Far.” Philadelphia Magazine. Philadelphia Magazine, October 2, 2020. https://www.phillymag.com/foobooz/restaurants-closings-coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR3eapA2_fJV0ikAhjTwH1qgWtvv_fXu5Ays6kliyWZsxW-y1yJnxJTyZDw. 

Maddy Sweitzer-Lammé shares with her readers the long list of Philadelphia restaurants that have succumbed to the coronavirus. Some of them landmarks like the Continental Old City which was a staple at 2nd and Market in Old City for 25 years. The changing guidelines have limited capacity for restaurants. Small dining rooms with tables very close together are no longer viable options. Restaurants that one served 300 people in a night are lucky to hit 100 because of limited outdoor space and social distancing guidelines. Some restaurants are just no longer profitable during the pandemic.  

“COVID-19 Guidance for Businesses in the Restaurant Industry.” Governor Tom Wolf, October 13, 2020. https://www.governor.pa.gov/covid-19/restaurant-industry-guidance/.

This source focuses on the guidelines for restaurants reopening during Covid in the state of Pennsylvania. It outlines many of the rules restaurants have to follow to reopen in the safest manner possible. It highlights that these guidelines are meant to help keep both the employees and the public safe. It’s pretty dense government  information, but gives a lot of insight on how restaurants are operating differently during the covid pandemic.  

Alexandra Jones, For the Inquirer. “Reopening Restaurants Is a Death Sentence for Workers and the Industry: Opinion.” https://www.inquirer.com. The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 6, 2020. https://www.inquirer.com/opinion/commentary/restaurants-reopening-coronavirus-philadelphia-pennsylvania-industry-workers-20200805.html. 

The source is from the Philadelphia Inquirer. It discusses reopening restaurants and all the risks that come with it. Restaurant employees are faced with two options-  come back to work putting not only themselves but their families at risk, or lose their job. It also puts into perspective restaurateurs choosing money and their business over the health, safety, and well being of not only their staff but the general public as well. Many restaurateurs are looking at two possibilities, remaining closed and maybe staying closed for good, or pretend everything will be okay with reopening. It’s focusing a lot on the possible effects of covid on the restaurant industry.

Klein, Michael. “Philly Restaurants Open inside, a Little: Let’s Eat.” https://www.inquirer.com. The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 9, 2020. https://www.inquirer.com/food/michael-klein/philly-restaurants-indoor-dining-outdoor-coronavirus-food-steak-48-20200909.html. 

Klein goes over some restaurants open for indoor dining and how they are open. He also provides resources to some other staff writers work. He talked about the experiences of restaurant workers working through the pandemic and how they are being affected by indoor dining and all the changes. 

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