primary sources

Source one :

The source is from the Philadelphia Inquirer. It discusses reopening restaurants and all the risks that come with it. Restaurant employees are faces with two options- come back to work putting not only themselves but their families at risk, or lose their job. It also puts into perspective restaurateurs choosing money and their business over the health, safety, and well being of not only their staff but the general public as well. Many restaurateurs are looking at two possibilities, remaining closed and maybe staying closed for good, or pretend everything will be okay with reopening. It’s focusing a lot on the possible effects of covid on the restaurant industry which I am really interested in. But it is an oped, and focuses primarily on restaurants in Philadelphia.

Source two :

This source focuses on the guidelines for restaurants reopening during Covid in the state of Pennsylvania. It outlines many of the rules restaurants have to follow to reopen in the safest manner possible. It highlights that these guidelines are meant to help keep both the employees and the public safe. It’s pretty dense government information, but gives a lot of insight on how restaurants are operating differently during the covid pandemic. Once again, it’s true limitation is that it’s only PA restaurants. Covering restaurants during covid is going to be difficult. There is no one set way that restaurants are operating across the country, I feel like I may have to narrow down to a specific geographic location.

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