research paper

The restaurant industry is something I love. I’ve been working in restaurants since right before I turned 18. I’ve met some of the best people while working in restaurants, guests and coworkers alike. It’s something that’s been uniquely affected by covid. The once bright and bubbly personalities of my managers and coworkers are now quiet and somber. Everyone is scared. Everyone is anxious. Everyone is frustrated. We’ve faced a unique set of challenges. Philadelphia was the last county in PA to allow indoor dining. As soon as other counties in the state went to green it became a constant battle with guests. Exclusively seating outdoors has been interesting. The already limited street parking in old city is nonexistent because of “streateries”. It has been a struggle to get guests to comply with mask mandates. I personally went back to working thinking guests were going to be kinder and more understanding to restaurant staff. I was not correct. I understand the struggle. I’m living through it. I want to explore more of how the restaurant industry is being affected as a whole. Right now, I can only speak for my experience at one restaurant in one city. I’d like to explore how cities all over the US and the globe are handling this crisis. The restaurant industry may never be the same. It may be positively impacted. Servers may actually earn a living wage. But there are also so many ways it could get worse. It uniquely affects a small subset of americans, but that subset includes people who only works in restaurants and those who serve on the side like teachers often do. The hospitality industry as a whole has been hit especially hard by covid and learning more about the work to rebound and if the industry will ever rebound would be really, really interesting.

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