My name is Dr. Taylor Benjamin-Britton, and I successfully defended my PhD in political science at Temple University August 17, 2016. I currently teach as Visiting Assistant Professor in the department of international relations at Lehigh University.


I received my BA political science and asian studies in 2007, and my MA in political science in 2012, from Temple University. I also have a Certificate of Teaching in Higher Education from Temple University.

My dissertation project focuses on the process through which states choose to give up particular weapons of war, arguing that states change their behavior insofar as civil society can raise domestic issue salience and activate public pressure. Other areas of interest include the laws of war, weapons taboos, why particular states champion new international norms, how moral entrepreneurs choose new international norms for which to advocate, how and which tactics of advocacy are more or less effective against government positions, and the rise of the humanitarian model of statecraft.