Civic Action Plan and Reflections

After working with the BBBS program over my first year of college I’ve learned a lot, made many memories, and built special bonds. For my next three years of college I have decided I want to continue to be involved with the community and voluntarily help to try and make a difference. In my field of public health, it is important to be engaged in the community. Community engagement not only looks good on a resume, but it also helps me as a person. My own personal goals that I have set in place right now are super important to me. The number one goal I have on my list right now is to graduate from college with my bachelors. After that, I hope to find my dream career in nursing and be successful. I want to make connections with those around me and people who are currently in the field that I desire to be in. I hope to build bonds with those people and hopefully work with them in the future. During this class I’ve learned how important community is, building relationships, and of course, growing as a student. I hope to continue to work with the BBBS program as I move to the main campus this upcoming fall and continue to get involved with the community that surounds me.

Fourth Meet

Sadly, our last meet with our littles before the pandemic began was on May 11th at Downey Elementary from 1-1:50 P.M. On this day, we cut out statements and had our littles place them under the growth or fixed column. My little was actually kind’ve upset that we were doing another sit down activity so it took some time to get her to like it. So, in order to engage her, I started to read each piece off to her and have her guess which one it was and turned it into a littleĀ  game. After that, she was tuned in and caught on to it very quickly. During this activity, I learned a lot from my little but one main thing that stood out was how positive she tried to stay even though she wasn’t really enjoying it too much. My little always kept a smile on her face and was happy no matter what and she has taught me to stay positive. Something I taught my little during this activity was that a growth mindset is what she should always aim for because there’s always room for growth. This activity was important for both my little and I because we got to discuss things that will help us develop in our future and to believe in ourselves and know that we are capable of doing anything we put our minds to.

Third Meet

On February 26th from 1-1:50 P.M we had our third meet with our littles at Downey Elementary. This day we did an activity on peer relationships and taught them how to develop healthy relationships. My little actually really enjoyed this activity getting to talk to me about her peers and telling me stories about her and her best friends. During this time my little had told me about a moment when one of her best friends betrayed her and she told the class her big secret and she was upset. Once she explained to me what happened I taught her that you have to be careful who you tell people things to because not everyone can be trusted. I also told her that if the friend didn’t mean to do it and it just slipped out then maybe she should try to work things out and forgive her. I can apply this civic engagement to my life by applying it to real life scenarios with my peers. Over the years I’ve lost a lot of friends but I’ve also made forever friends and this gave me some tips on how to continue with the healthy peer relationships I have. This activity was both important to my little and I because we both got to tell stories and learn more about each other and our friendships but also relate on many levels.

Second Meet

The second meeting was February 12th from 1-1:50 P.M at Downey Elementary. The activity for our second meet was on building resilience. So to engage my little in to the activity I listed ways I’d build resilience to give her an idea and just off of that she caught on and knew exactly what to do. During this activity I learned a lot about her and the type of mentality she has. She’s very smart and she was great at coming up with solutions pertaining to the problems that were given as examples. One thing I personally taught my little during this activity is that it isn’t easy to overcome obstacles but it doesn’t hurt to try. This can be applied to my own life by building resilience in my own life whether it pertains to college or personal problems. I personally need to learn how to stop dwelling on past issues and how to overcome them instead because stressing about it doesn’t make it any better. This activity is important for my little because it taught them to not give up but instead to overcome. This is also important to me because it reminded me to bounce back instead of pushing a problem off to the side.

First Meet – Second Semester with BBBS

The first meet up with our littles for second semester was held on January 29th from 1-1:50 P.M at Downey Elementary. After not seeing them for a few months it was great to see them again. Before starting the activity I remember my little and I did a little catching up on how their break was and how both Thanksgiving and Christmas were. I learned that she had a great Christmas and got her first cell phone and many other toys as well. The activity we did that day was teaching our littles about S.M.A.R.T goals. She had no clue what they were so after explaining what each letter stood for, I then had her list a goal for each. That day I taught her how to set her own S.M.A.R.T goals. I personally can apply this activity to my own life by also setting goals myself and doing what I taught my little for me as well. This activity was important for my little to know because it is something that can stick with her for a while and help her check off each goal. It also taught her to not just make goals but to also try her best to achieve them. This entire activity is important to my life because for one I got to use it and impact my little. For two, it also helped remind me what goals I need to achieve myself.