Welcome to my page

I am a junior at Temple University studying therapeutic recreation. I came to Temple as an undecided student and was very unsure what path was right for me. I found myself in public health and knew that was close, but it wasn’t a perfect fit as I knew I wanted something more hands on; I wanted to help people directly and see their growth. I had been playing sports my entire life, and what I loved was being part of a team. When I took my first therapeutic recreation introductory course, I declared it as my major within just a few weeks. Therapeutic recreation is the use of activity based interventions to meet the needs of an individual, and to me its purpose is to serve the individual based on what they want.

Professionally, I want to work in an inpatient rehabilitation facility for children and young adults recovering from physical injury. I believe that this profession is crucial to this population in increasing their physical and emotional well-being. I believe that a CTRS and client are teammates on this, working towards each milestone.

Through my education, volunteer experiences, and internships, I will be developing my skills as a therapist across a spectrum. I will be in a variety of different settings with different populations, preparing me for all clients. I am hoping to do my internship with people that have physical disabilities, and learn how this recent change in their life effects their mental and emotional well-being.