Features Overview

Below is a sampling of the features available through Temple Website Hosting by way of the WordPress plugins. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, only a highlight. To view the full list of available plugins, visit the dashboard of your site and select “Plugins” from the left side menu. Lists and descriptions of the available themes, plugins and header images are available on the subpages of this menu.

Slideshow iconSlideshows

Use slideshows to rotate through several images from your site. This is a great feature to showcase your creative work, photography, etc.

Survey IconSurvey/Questionnaire

Embed forms into your site to collect feedback or conduct an informal survey of your readers. They can also be used as a way to collection registrations for an event (where money collection is not required).

Web Stats IconWebsite Stats

Track how often people visit your website and where they go while there. Website stats can help your decide where you want to place different items on your website as well as revise ones that don’t get as much usage.

Social Media IconSocial Media

Integrate social media into your site. Allow visitors to your site to share blog posts and other content via their Facebook and Twitter accounts and much more.

Postcasting IconPodcasting

Seamlessly integrate podcasts and other media into your site.

Calendar IconCalendar

Embed a calendar in your website to coordinate projects, alert visitors of upcoming events and more.