COVID-19 Updates Academic Year 2020-2021 through 2021-2022 (May 2022)

The Council on Social Work Education gave temporary guidelines that can be implemented with the 2020-2021 through 2021-2022 (May 2022) academic year.

Adjustment to accumulation of Field Hours:

The outline below is an example for hours earned directly with the agency. Additional hours via trainings will be required to complete the field course. This outline of hours is subject to change based on agency request or updates to policy.

  • MSW Advanced Year: 15 weeks @ approx. 18 hours per week
    • Field Part 1- a minimum of 260 hours
    • Field Part 2- a minimum of 270 hours
  • MSW Foundation Year: 15 weeks @ approx. 10 hours per week
    • Field Part 1- a minimum of 140 hours
    • Field Part 2- a minimum of 150 hours
  • BSW Year: 15 weeks @ approx. 10-11 hours per week
    • Field Part 1- a minimum of 155 hours
    • Field Part 2- a minimum of 165 hours

Employment Based Option:

  • Programs are allowed to count (some) employment hours towards a student meeting the field required hours. The job tasks must have clear linkages to the nine social work competencies and their concomitant behaviors as well as any competencies added by the program.
  • Students must apply to our office (by speaking with your assigned OFE staff person)  to be approved to utilize this opportunity this year.
  • The assignment of such hours would need to be discussed first with OFE to ensure that all requirements are met.
  • The Office of Field Education reserves the right to deny or amend any request for an Employment base field practicum due to lack of linkages to social work competencies relevant to the student’s SSW field course, SSW Specialization/Concentration, SSW course content and/or SW therapies and confirmed MSW and/or BSW Field instructor.

Students will receive updates to the field manual in the form of addenda in the following areas:

  • Onsite and Remote guidelines around safety
  • Timesheet
  • Mandated requirements of the CPH and SSW in order to remain in any field course
  • Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)