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Published Books in the Humanities


Learn to Profit from the Natural Cycles of the Stock Market:


Applications of Environmental Astronomical Cycles
to Market Prediction and Portfolio Management

Sergio E. Serrano, Ph.D.


A quantitative study of the relationship between planetary orbits in the solar system and periodic cycles in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, with applications to portfolio design, rebalance, and strategic asset buying or selling for individual investors.

■ A simple introduction to the connection between planetary orbits in the solar system and periodic cycles in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA).
■ An illustrated account of a the relation between the stock market and astronomical cycles.
■ Applications to portfolio rebalance and the timing of strategic buying/selling of assets for individual investors.
■ A new application of the science of astronomy – not astrology– to the analysis/forecasting of economic indices.
■ 48 graphics clearly show the relation between the DJIA and astronomical events.
■ 120 years of market data are investigated for correlation with periodic fluctuations in astronomical positions and other events in the solar system.
■ Simple introduction of the basics of investment, portfolio design, and management.
■ Includes a simple illustrated introduction to essential astronomy relevant to this study.

Published by HydroScience Inc., ISBN: 9780988865242, 250 pages.


Modern applications of ancient Hawaiian mysticism:


Applications of Huna to Health, Prosperity, and Personal Growth.
Second Edition, Completely Revised
Sergio E. Serrano, Ph.D.


“If you are not using Huna, you are working too hard.”
Max Freedom Long, author of “The secret Science Behind Miracles.”

A modern application of ancient Hawaiian mysticism (i.e., Huna) with many practical exercises to understand the structure of our inner mind, discover extraordinary latent abilities, improve health, increase wealth, achieve professional objectives, enrich relationships with others, eliminate stress and anxiety, and enhance spiritual development.

Huna means “secret” in the Hawaiian language. It refers to the coded knowledge of the ancient Kahunas, who were known for healing the sick, controlling the weather, walking over hot lava, and predicting and changing the future.
Know the forces and meet the entities of the mind that control the art of mental creation.
Includes many step-by-step practical exercises to develop and use the skills necessary to effectively and efficiently achieve personal or professional desires.
Huna techniques are combined with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which are energy therapies similar to acupuncture.
Includes many step-by-step practical exercises to effectively remove psychological fixations, complexes, fears, anxiety, phobias, and negative emotions, without the need of expensive “talk therapies.”
Written in a simple style, with many practical exercises and illustrations to gradually develop and apply the principles.
Any one who takes the time to apply Huna can soon achieve important results to improve his/her life.

Published by HydroScience Inc., ISBN: 9780965564335, 272 pages.


A new English translation of an inspirational classic:


by Andre Maurois (Author), Sergio E Serrano, Ph.D. (Translator)


A new translation by Sergio E. Serrano of this inspirational bookcontaining sound advice on the art of living by the French historian, biographer, and philosopher, André Maurois (1885 – 1967), who was one of the most celebrated and prolific writers of the 20th century.

Timeless wisdom and advice on the art of living for today’s young and old:The art of thinking;the art of loving;the art of working;the art of leadership;the art of growing old.Maurois speaks to the soul of the reader. The principles he conveys remain as valid and as useful in the 21st century as they were in the 20th.

According to Maurois, our lives are works of art, expressions of inner beauty, conceived and created by our inner selves, tested by the circumstances and experiences of life, perfected and modified by the learning and growth resulting from these experiences.

Maurois accurately predicted:

■the ultimate failure of all social revolutions;
the necessity of slow change in human customs and attitudes as a key to lasting changes;
the technological development and implementation of robots in large assembly lines;
the constant distraction with technology and its harmful effects to the mind, the emotions, and relationships;
the characteristics of a reasonable and effective government;
the inner virtues to cultivate in order to successfully overcome the adversities of life;
the qualities to seek in order to maintain stable, loving, relationships;
the attributes to encourage as an effective manager;
the essentials by which to plan a long and enjoyable retirement;the principles behind an effective educational system.

An Art of Living remained out of print for several decades. This new translation resurrects this little treasure of a book for the English readers of today; it remains faithful to the original French edition and to the style of the author.

Published by HydroScience Inc., ISBN9780965564359, 210 pages.


New free, simple, techniques to eliminate stress and anxiety:


The Power to Eliminate Stress, Anxiety, and all Negative Emotions.
Second Edition, Completely Revised
by Sobeida Salomon, Ph.D. Edited by Sergio E. Serrano, Ph.D.


An introduction to a new psychological therapeutic method called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It is a practical procedure to eliminate all negative emotions, including stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, past traumas (including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD), substance abuse, and all addictions.

With EFT the user no longer has to go through months of expensive, and usually ineffective, conventional “talk therapies.”
Anyone can be free from any negative emotional or psychological difficulty that in the past has prevented him/her from reaching full potential, or from living a joyful, blissful life.
EFT puts in your hands the power to eliminate all negative emotions. It is simple, effective, and most importantly, it is free!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Thought Field Therapies (TFT) access the body’s energy meridian system to release the negative energy attached to a particular negative emotion. The energy meridian system is a natural network of energy pathways circulating throughout the body. EFT uses the same principles of energy therapies, such as acupuncture, except that EFT does not require needles and it heals psychological problems, not just physical ones.

EFT/TFT is the outcome of a recent scientific discovery that found that the cause of negative emotions is not the memory of a traumatic event, but the negative energy entangled around the memory. This finding shows that by releasing this energy, the negative emotion is instantly eliminated. Thousands of people have reported relief from past traumas and negative feelings that had previously defied months of conventional treatment.

The reader only needs to learn a series of meridian end points, how to use the hands to tap on these points for a few minutes, and the ability to concentrate and feel a particular negative emotion. It is that simple!
IT IS IN YOUR HANDS is written in a simple style, with many practical exercises, case studies to treat specific negative emotions, and illustrations designed to gradually develop and apply the principles.

Published by HydroScience Inc., ISBN9780965564304, 110 pages.