Asian Kebab: Meat meat meat


I always seem to run into Asian Kebab along my usual routes to and from work and school in Tokyo. They have locations in Roppongi, Shirokane, and Tamachi. The shops always ooze the same mouthwatering spiced meat smell, and I’m always tempted to stop by for a kebab sandwich with mixed spicy and original sauces. The price is reasonable, too. One coin, one sandwich.

I first ate at Asian Kebab when a group of classmates decided dragged me there after Japanese class. A friend treated me to a kebab don (kebab with veggies over rice) with the spicy chili sauce. It burned so much that my eyes watered and my nose was running, but it was so delicious that I couldn’t stop eating. The meat was flavorful, the cabbage sweet and crunchy, and the pickle spears added just the right amount of tartness. The next time I went I ordered the mixed sauces, to take down the spice level a bit.

The place offers takeout as well, if you don’t have time to sit and enjoy the unique atmosphere. The guy will give you a plastic container and a bag to enjoy your kebab don (or sandwich) at home or work.

Squids and Squirrels

Squid and octopi populations are booming thanks to certain environmental and human factors. Even the giant squid populations seem to be getting larger (yay!).

Maybe this means they are ready to accept the Squiddler as their one true ruler.

A video is included of a young giant squid swimming off the coast of Japan last December.


A poor squirrel was photographed losing his dinner. This story/photo makes me laugh every time and I think other people need a laugh too!

The photo on the website is no longer visible so I’ve included the original photo taken by Ajeet Vikram here:


Delicious Arms

There is a grave burger shortage in Tokyo. Sure, you can get a so-called “burger” at many restaurants, but as someone who grew up with constant Summer barbecues and access to fresh, juicy burgers, a flimsy lamp-warmed sandwich from BK or MD just won’t cut it. My student budget also puts a crimp in my burger diet. TGI Fridays is good, but 1,500 yen for a cheeseburger is a delicious luxury I can’t afford.
But my wallet and I found salvation in Arms Picnic in Shinjuku station! I wasn’t expecting much when I ordered my first cheeseburger there, but after the first thick, peppery, cheesy bite, I was smitten. It tasted like home. It had the warm toasted sesame bun, melted cheddar (finally, real cheese!), crispy lettuce, and more. I ordered the set, so the burger also came with piping hot wedge-cut fries and a soft drink. The fries have a hearty potato bite to them that is satisfying to the tooth. They are a bit lightly salted for my taste, but each table has salt and pepper shakers as well as tomato ketchup (and yellow mustard available in packets for those who want it).

Cheeseburger and wedge fries

Cheeseburger and wedge fries

I go there at least once a month now. For my birthday dinner, I passed up on the expensive restaurant my boyfriend wanted to treat me to and instead asked to eat Arms Picnic burgers. I passionately love this restaurant.

Project Ideas

Blog Project

– food reviews (beverages, snacks, meals)

Photo Project

– photos of my feet (narrative of daily life from perspective of feet)


Illustration Project

– (idea #1) short three-or-four panel comics

– (idea #2) pages of my┬ádaily sketchbook