Exercise: Basic ERD with Vertabelo

If you have not already done so, create a free educational use account at Vertabelo.com. When you go to the Vertabelo “Create an account” page, make sure to follow the link that says Student or lecturer? Register here »

In order to make submitting your work easier, you may answer both questions in one model. If you do so, use the subject areas feature to visually group the tables:

These questions are constructed so they do not require any many-to-many relationships (and therefore do not require link tables) to answer.

  1. A hospital has a large number of registered physicians. Attributes of
    physicians include physician ID and specialty. Patients are admitted to the
    hospital by physicians. Attributes of patients include patient ID,
    name, and DOB (date of birth). Any patient who is admitted must have exactly one admitting
    physician. A physician may say and admit any number of patients. Once
    admitted, a given patient must be treated by at least one physician. A
    particular physician may treat any number of patients, or may not treat
    any patients. Whenever a patient is seen by a physician, the hospital
    wishes to record the details of the visit, which include date, time,
    observed symptoms, and prescribed treatment.
  2. Consider a real estate firm that lists property for sale. The firm has
    a number of sales offices in several states. Attributes of sales offices
    include office number (identifier) and address. Each sales office is
    assigned one or more employees. Attributes of employees include employee
    ID (identifier) and employee name. An employee must be assigned to only
    one sales office. For each sales office, there is always one employee
    assigned to manage that office. An employee may manage only the sales
    office to which they are assigned. The firm lists properties for sale.
    Attributes of property include property ID (identifier), list price, street address, city,
    state, zip code. Each unit of property must be listed with one (and
    only one) of the sales offices. A sales office may have any number of
    properties lists or may have no properties listed. Each unit of property
    has one owner. Attributes of owners include owner ID (identifier)
    and owner name. An owner may own one or more units of property.


To submit the assignment, please use Vertabelo to PDF the diagram. Upload it to Canvas and bring it to class.