A Letter to Temple’s MOT Class of 2017


With just six weeks to go in their final Level II fieldwork experience, the students of Temple’s MOT Class of 2017 will soon be on their way to making a difference in the world as occupational therapists. On Friday, May 12th, the students walked across the stage at the College of Public Health’s commencement ceremony, a surreal moment that symbolized all of their hard work and dedication.


To celebrate how far they’ve come, M2 student Jennifer Botto wrote an inspiring letter to her peers. Check it out below!

A Letter to Temple’s MOT Class of 2017…

A wise BrOT once said, “We are a big family of 42+ people, let’s always stay that way”. Since the intensity of our first summer semester together, I have felt incredibly lucky to be part of such a wonderful group of people who will drop anything they’re doing without question to help another person out.

In the last year and half, I’ve been privileged to watch your growth and even more privileged to grow with you. Every single day, I see you all demonstrate compassion, humor, kindness, and intellect – all qualities that assure me you will be amazing OT’s. I say this with 100% confidence because….

  • I’ve watched you bring out the best in others whether it’s in the clinic, the classroom, or the dance floor.
  • You show compassion and comfort to each other during the stress of 50 tests in a row or to clients.
  • You maintain resilient spirits always. No matter how many times we thought we failed that test for sure – You carried on the days and weeks with no less enthusiasm.
  • I admire the way you interact with others personally and professionally.
  • You always make the most out of difficult situations and take everything possible as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • You are the ultimate team players but will step up when the situation requires leadership.

If you take anything from this letter, please remember that you are capable of whatever life throws your way. Believe in yourselves and humankind the way we believe in each other. When you have a hard day, call me and I will do my best to cheer you up. Or just drink some wine, because I’m sure that’s what I’ll be doing haha. When you have a good day and you want someone to share the excitement with, I’ll be around! Use all your resources, we are a team. Creativity is in your blood, don’t let anyone stop you. Love and happiness are powerful traits, keep sharing them and you will continue to change lives. It’s okay to fail, embrace the lesson and let it make you better than the day before. Be thankful for the patients and coworkers that challenge you, you will learn the most from them. You have all been beacons of light, leadership, hope, and humor in our class and I know that will continue as you move into the field.

My Grandpop always used to tell me to be brave, just do what you are most afraid of doing because that’s where you’ll find freedom and confidence. He encouraged me to “keep plugging along” when things were hard with this unwavering belief that I would succeed. I didn’t always master things on the first try, but eventually I would. Every time life is hard, I try to be as brave as he thinks I am. Maybe faking it till ya make it is half the battle. I will carry on that unwavering belief in all of us to succeed moving forward. We got this.

Thank you for an amazing almost-2-years, I can’t wait to see where we go from here. I Love You hOTtiez (this includes the BrOTs, especially Kick hahah).

Your hair petting, massage giving, friendly wino,

Jennifer /Jennicorn

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