Meet the Board: Raisin’ Those Funds

Hello everyone & welcome back to another #FUNctional semester of Temple OT! Earlier this week, our SOTA board kicked things off with the first meeting of 2017. As we went around the room to share our thoughts and ideas about the projects we’ve been working on, I realized that we have so much to be excited about this semester. While M2s have officially flown the nest to embark on their first Level II fieldwork journey, M1s continue to prepare for their first Level I experiences with adults and pediatrics! And before we know it, the entire OT profession will be celebrating its 100th birthday right here in Philadelphia, coincidentally the same year that Temple University celebrates 50 years of OT!

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As we plan ahead for a busy couple of months, our SOTA Fundraising Chairs are working extra hard to raise money for our organization. Just a few days ago, Kayla (M1 Chair that you’ll read all about in a few moments) launched an Etsy shop to sell crafts hand-made by our very own MOT students (tell all your friends)! And so for this week’s feature of ‘Meet the Board,’ we’d like to introduce two ladies who put their creative minds together to raise funds for our organization~ Joanna Quigley and Kayla Bender.

Joanna & Kayla #RaisinThoseFunds

M1 Fundraising Chair: Kayla Bender

1. Tell us a little about yourself! 

I moved here from Oregon, although I grew up in New York. I love school and I’ve been a student for what feels like forever; I have my Bachelor’s in Sociology with a concentration in Human Services and minors in Women’s Studies and Studio Art. I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, riding my bike, playing my guitar here and there, and eating unbearably spicy food. I look forward to one day having a bit of land and having kids, and by kids I mean baby goats. They’re adorable.

2. Why did you run for this position?

I ran for this position because I want to put some of my fun and creative ideas into practice. I have some experience grant writing, but thought it would be an excellent experience to learn more about raising funds in different ways. I enjoy representing our student organization and look forward to working with my fellow board members to make this next year a great one!

3. What do you hope to gain from this position in terms of professional development?

I hope to figure out what works and what does not work when it comes to fundraising. I expect to gain a greater understanding overall about what it means to accept a representative role and to be a part of a student organization, both experiences to which I am new.

4. What is the value of working on a team?

Working on a team is valuable because someone will always come up with an idea or give feedback that I never would have though of myself. Although we are all here to achieve of this common goal of becoming OTs, we all took different paths to get here, and we will all continue on different paths when we leave. Our differences make us stronger when we work together. There is so much we can learn from each other.

5. What does being a leader mean to you?

Being a good leader means setting examples, embodying strong morals, and representing the values of the people who follow your lead. A leader is approachable and open to change.

6. What areas of OT are you interested in?

Oh man, I have so many interests. I have a strong interest in community-based OT and working for and within non-profit organizations. The role of OT in a mental health setting is something I definitely want to learn more about. I am interested in sustainable healthcare, and what that might mean for the field of OT. I definitely consider myself an “Adults” person, but I’m open to anything really!

7. What is your favorite aspect of the OT field?

Hands down, the best part of OT is this continued emphasis on client-centered practice. Our current healthcare system is not really set up to provide a very client-centered experience, but the field of OT continuously strives to maintain that, despite the climate. My favorite aspect of OT, though, is the diversity in settings, populations served, and implementation of services; never a dull moment.

8. Can you share 1 piece of advice you’d like to give to future students?

Keep your eye on the prize. Never lose sight of what drew you to this work in the first place and use that as your continued impetus.

M2 Fundraising Chair: Joanna Quigley:

1. Tell us a little about yourself! 

I’m from England, I play guitar and I have an adorable 2 year old son. Before OT school, I tended bar for 10 years.

2. Why did you run for this position?

I am crafty and I have a background in sales.

3. What do you hope to gain from this position in terms of professional development?

I have learned how to get creative and motivate people to participate.

4. What is the value of working on a team?

You can combine strengths and keep each other on task.

5. What does being a leader mean to you?

Encouraging others to do their best.

6. What areas of OT are you interested in?

Acute care, stroke, TBI, SCI…

7. What is your favorite aspect of the OT field?

Giving a person the opportunity to feel whole again.

8. Can you share 1 piece of advice you’d like to give to future students?

Don’t concern yourself with getting a 4.0, concern yourself with becoming a good occupational therapist. (This would have been good advice for my M1 self).

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