Welcome to some of my favorite virtual adventures!

My name is Joseph Kolodny and I have spent way too much time watching TV shows and movies, but there’s good news for you, I know a lot of good ones.

  1. Imposters

Reviews: 100% on Rotten tomatoes, 8.9/10 TV.com

A show about a con artist who destroys people’s lives, but you end up rooting for her, and her victims.

2. Game Of Thrones

Reviews: IMDb 9.4/10, 9/10 Tv.com.

This show isn’t afraid to upset the audience and murder your favorite character.

3. Rick And Morty

Reviews: IMDb 9.3/10, 9.3/10 TV.com

Rick and Morty Adventure through many different worlds, not always with the intent of making it a better place after they leave.

4. Lucifer

Reviews: IMDb 8.2/10, TV.com 7.6/10

He’s actually the devil and it’s kinda wild.

5. I Am Mother

Reviews: 90% Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb 6.8/10

Don’t listen to what IMDb said. This movie is amazing in every way.

6. Bill Burr- Paper Tiger

Reviews: Rotten tomatoes 97%

He’s mastered comedy and if you don’t get offended, you’ll love it.

7. Joe Rogan- Strange Times

Reviews: 94% from google users

Joe takes a stand against censorship in comedy and decides to make it as offensive as possible.

8. Black Mirror

Reviews: 4.9/5 On Facebook

Black Mirror is completely different from every other show you’ve seen. Every episode is it’s own mind boggling experience.

9. Archer

Reviews: 10/10 From Joe

One of the funniest TV shows I’ve ever watched. Also the main character is the same voice as Bob from Bob’s Burgers.