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Workshops (2020)

How to OSINT (Fri, Oct 2: 1pm-2pm)
Open Source Intelligence gathering, or OSINT is how we learn more about a given target. We can use sources that are freely available or “open” to construct an accurate picture through accumulated data. These sources can be as simple as a search engine, a newspaper, a social media feed or even as obscure as a corporate tax filing. In this presentation, Chris Kirsch will talk through a strategy, methodology and sources for finding information.

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How to Phish (Sat, Oct 3: 10am-11am)
Everyone is constantly under attack to phishing scams, we see them in our inbox every day (unless they’re filtered out first!). Businesses lose millions of dollars each year due to phishing. In this presentation, Patrick Laverty will discuss ways to set up a phishing engagement and look at which types of pretexts can be successful for a particular goal or vector.

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How to Vish (Sat, Oct 3: 11am-12pm)
Vishing is a term coined by Chris Hadnagy meaning “voice phishing” or performing social engineering over the phone. In this presentation, Alethe Denis will talk about different strategies, techniques and mindset that can help with performing a vishing exercise, but will also address tactics to properly defend against this extremely common attack vector.

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Social Engineering AMA (Sun, Oct 4: 12pm-1pm)
Inspecting the sprinkler system, performing elevator maintenance, choosing a wig or putting a stone in your shoe. All of these may involve someone trying to access your building and bypass security. In this “Ask Me Anything”, with two world-renowned social engineers, Snow and Tinker, you’ll hear stories of how they have been able to bypass protections to access secured facilities. They will take your questions about their success, their failures, and their lessons learned.

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