I gave a talk on clustering by distance projection to IEEE in 2003. I gave a talk devoted to Improved Correlation in Microarray Data Analysis(joint with Bud Mishra) for the Biological Language Conference (2004) in Pittsburg. I gave a talk to the Biostatistics Department at Columbia University on, “Statistical Techniques for the Characterization of Regions in Noisy settings” on November 11, 2002. I gave a talk (2006) at the KDD conference in Philadelphia concerning “New EM Derived from KLD divergence (joint with Longin Jan Latecki and Rolf Lakemper). I gave a talk at ASA (2007) on Boosting. I gave a talk to CVPR (computer vision and pattern recognition) (joint with Rolf Lakaemper) in 2008. Finally, I gave a talk in the computer vision department of University of Pennsylvania in August 2008.

I gave a series of colloquia to the CIS department of Temple on Bayesian statistics entitled,

  1. Bayesin Statistics, Gibb Sampling and the EM Algorithm
  2. Gibbs Sampling and Hidden Markov Models in the Event Detection Problem

My research is concerned almost entirely with Shape Correspondence, Engineering, and Bayesian inference. My current interests include:

  • Neural Firing
  • Shape Analysis and pattern recognition
  • Sequential Markov Chain Monte Carlo Techniques
  • Time-Motion Orientation and Body Posture.
  • Multiresolution Markov Random Fields.

Former interests have included:

  • Statistical Genetics and Bioinformatics
  • The Hot hand in Sports
  • Statistical Techniques for Partitioning and Multiple Comparisons.
  • Construction and evaluation of choice strategies in Statistical Modeling.
  • Bayesian modeling of ability.
  • Admissible Estimators in exponential Families
  • Relevant and semi-relevant betting schemes
  • MRI image analysis
  • Nonparametric Bayesian Inference for Marketing Analysis
  • Robotics
  • Contour Grouping

Recent papers and grants include: 

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