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Welcome to The Spinal Neuromotor Lab!

The Spinal Neuromotor Laboratory is interested in how the central nervous system control movement. Our research focuses on a variety of topics in the neuromotor realm, including electromyography, isometric force measures, motor unit recruitment during postural control and dynamic movement and spinal cord behavior in infants with Birth Brachial Plexus Injury.  In order to deliver optimal therapies, we must understand the mechanisms underlying both the injury and the therapy. Knowledge of the motor system has a direct link to disorders of movement and will allow us to progress our physical therapy interventions on a strong physiological rationale.

The Spinal Neuromotor Laboratory houses equipment necessary for the non-invasive quantification of joint torques and single motor unit discharge patterns in humans with and without neurological injury. Our efforts require 6-degree of freedom load cells and custom frames for the isometric assessments of volitional and reflexive motor activity throughout the human body. Multiple computers are used to control robotic manipulation and collect biological data while large format displays provide real-time visual feedback of joint torques allowing for consistent assessments across multiple joints.

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