SLRG at NARST 2018


SLRG team members Janelle, Shondricka, Tim and Doug, along with Amity (advised by Janelle) and Noelle (advised by Doug) presented research at NARST 2018. Their project titles are listed below.

Elementary Student Perception of their Teacher’s Self-Efficacy, Interest, and Enjoyment in Science and Science Teaching.                                             Poster: Noelle A. Luccioni and Doug Lombardi, Sandra K. Abell Institute 2017 Poster Symposium

Development of Professional Noticing Skills in Preservice Science Teachers Poster: Amity Gann, Graduate Student Research Symposium

Alignment of Students’ Discussion with Their Written Scientific Explanations Poster: Timothy Klavon, Graduate Student Research Symposium

Towards a Geoscience Pedagogy: A Socio-cognitive Model                     Poster: Shondricka Burrell, Graduate Student Research Symposium

Graduate Student Research Symposium Development of a Model Describing Scientific Thinking in Earth Science Students                                                 Poster: Shondricka Burrell, Doug Lombardi, Elliot S. Bickel, Janelle M. Bailey, Strand: Science Learning, Understanding and Conceptual Change


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