Sleep for Health Research at Temple University

Getting a good amount of sleep each night and establishing healthy lifestyle habits are important for children to feel happy, healthy, and have energy during the day. There is also some evidence suggesting that the number of hours that children sleep and when they go to sleep and wake up every day may be important to ensuring that children are happiest and healthiest. We are still in the process of understanding how important sleep is for children’s health. That is why we are conducting the following research studies.

Study 1 (children 8-14 years): We want to learn more about how different approaches to enhancing sleep affect children’s weight status and type 2 diabetes risk.                      Interested? Click here to take the survey

Study 2 (children 6-11 years): We will try to determine whether improving children’s sleep by itself or improving sleep along with other health behaviors (such as how many snack foods and sugar-sweetened beverages they eat/drink, how much TV they watch, and how physically active they are) affects the rate of weight gain and overall health.      Interested? Click here to take the survey

Study for Parents: Parents, we want to hear your thoughts on how to help children get a good night’s sleep and improve their overall health!                                                        Interested? Click here to take the survey


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